Bakery Items Bakery Items Small Cookie Plate This is a sample of small cookie plate we created using fancy cookies for Christmas. 120955518 Hot Cross Buns When you think of Easter you think of Hot Cross Buns. 120955519 Monkey Bread Our Monkey Bread has been a hit, you might want to try it for yourself. 120955520 Cinnamon Rolls A new and improved yummy recipe, they are SO good! 120955521 Cookies Fresh from the oven. 120957161 More Cookies Cooling before they get packed. 120957162 Bunny Cookie A big bunny sugar cookie. 123102558 Carrott Cookie The fun project of the week, carrot shaped sugar cookies. 123102559 Chocolate Chip Coffee Cake A new recipe that is a hit. A chocolate chip cake that resembles a coffee cake, its yummy! 123102560 Egg Cookie Lots of different designs on the egg cookies, I think each one may be different. 123102561 Hot Cross Buns Hot Cross Buns just in time for Easter. 123102562 Nut Rolls Kevin's famous nut rolls fresh from the oven! 123102564